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Ever Wonder Where Your Canadian Tax Dollars Go?

For the fiscal year ending March 31, 2007, Canada’s federal government collected ??$236.0 billion in taxes and other revenues. That represents a bit over 16 per cent of our country’s over $1.4 trillion economy. Click here for a detailed overview of where that money went and how it was raised. 

We at TaxFreeSavingsAccountInfo.com want to share with each of you, the following important fact… Canadians pay a significant portion of all their earnings to taxes!

Some Canadians are actually charged nearly 50% in taxes. The real truth is the rich do not pay the same percentage of taxes as the middle class. The reason why they don’t and a big part of the reason they are more wealthy, is because they have been given better information. It’s easy to admit that the only reason you are paying the amount of taxes you currently are is because you don’t know any other way right?

If you would like to learn about how to save paying taxes, including tax free savings accounts and tax shelters, strategies that will see more of your hard earned tax dollars returned to you please continue reading this site.

If you’ve found this helpful please forward this to your friends and share the information. If you would like to reprint an article you’ve read please e-mail us your request, we are generally approving, as long the proper attribution links back to this site are provided. Thank you for your time and support in visiting us.

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Tax Free Savings Account Info.com is your trusted independent resource for everything TFSA. Don’t make unnecessary mistakes simply because of lack of good information. Arm yourself, your family and friends with this information to make better decisions. Tax Free Savings Account Info.com was created to keep you on top news and views you can use to plan and achieve your financial goals.

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